HENRY & CO. - Creatività Sostenibile Italian design studio that works in the belief that the future is on sustainability


sustainable creativity
Art Direction Coordination of the corporate identity
in all its sides with the aim of create
a short and long-term strategy.
Innovation and Materials HENRY & CO. - Creatività Sostenibile Our most important mission is
researching and experimenting
new eco-friendly materials and technologies.
HENRY & CO. - Creatività Sostenibile - Perle di Soia Food & Beverage We create the identity of products
and companies to make them
recognizable in the food sector.
Consumer Products From research to concept, from 3D to prototype,
we follow step by step all the phases
of the development of a new product.

Cluster Arredo Webinar – Sustainable Creativity

Friday the 4th December 2020 - From 12.00 to 13.00 Fabio Venturini, Designer of…

Levico lamps wins the honourable mention in Novità Italia Contest

The outdoor lamps Levico, designed by HENRY & CO. for 9010 Belfiore, wins…

HENRY & CO interviewed by IQOS

Innovative start-ups and eco-design: starting from waste for a sustainable…

smartbin fatersmart henry & co.

First SmartBin, designed by HENRY & CO. for FaterSmart, was presented

The first SmartBin, the innovative collector of used diapers designed by HENRY…

AD Architectural Digest Design Award

HENRY & CO selected by the “AD Architectural Digest Design Award”

HENRY & CO. has been selected by the “AD Architectural Digest Design…


PENSIEROMATERIA, a collective formed by HENRY & CO and Luca Alessandrini,…

l'oreal evento 2nd day life - henry & co.

HENRY & CO. at L’Oreal event “2nd Day Life”

As HENRY & CO. we were invited to speak during the "2nd Life Day" event…


HENRY & CO. at Parco Natura Viva

For the 50th anniversary of the Parco Natura…

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We believe that the balance between mankind and nature is the only possibility for the future.

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