Cluster Arredo Webinar - Sustainable Creativity

Friday the 4th December 2020 - From 12.00 to 13.00

Fabio Venturini, Designer of HENRY & CO., will take part as a speaker at the Webinar "SUSTAINABLE CREATIVITY - Activating Sustainable Processes for a Total Circularity" organized by Cluster Arredo as part of the Brilliant, project that support European Clusters of Furniture Lighting and Construction Industry. The furniture industry is currently facing a variety of economic and environmental challenges. On one side, a growing request from authorities to pay attention to the environment and climate change, on the other side, increasing global competition and increased demand for low-cost items. HENRY & CO. brings its experience both in the furniture sector and in sustainable projects to offer suggestions to start a shared innovation process that has environmental preservation as its fil rouge.

Topic's webinar will be:

  • 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Industrial Circular Flows
  • Circular Design Thinking
  • Case studies

Join the webinar registering here.

cluster arredo webinar henry & co

smartbin fatersmart henry & co.

First SmartBin, designed by HENRY & CO. for FaterSmart, was presented

The first SmartBin, the innovative collector of used diapers designed by HENRY & CO for FaterSmart, was installed and presented in Verona (Italy) near the main Esselunga stores of the city.

The ambitious project of FaterSmart (joint venture between P&G and Angelini Group) involves the recycling of used diapers to obtain Secondary Raw Materials ready to be used in the production of new products, creating a new virtuous sustainable circle. SmartBins are intelligent collectors equipped with an opening system managed by an APP that rewards users.

Thanks to this project, HENRY & CO confirms its mission as a design studio focused on sustainability.


smartbin fatersmart henry & co.

smartbin fatersmart henry & co.

smartbin fatersmart henry & co.


l'oreal evento 2nd day life - henry & co.

HENRY & CO. at L'Oreal event "2nd Day Life"

As HENRY & CO. we were invited to speak during the "2nd Life Day" event organized by L'Oreal to gather our experience in sustainable design.

The event, held in the Milan headquarter of the cosmetics company, was a meeting and sharing moment of green issues and we brought our vision telling our successful Case History.


l'oreal evento 2nd day life - henry & co.

l'oreal evento 2nd day life - henry & co.

l'oreal evento 2nd day life - henry & co.

Turin Coffee 2019

Turin Coffee 2019

Turin Coffee 2019

Nike Grind


nike marathon

HENRY & CO. lands in Portland at the Nike Grind Summit.

It was a busy three days and HENRY & CO. participated with enthusiasm, breathing and experiencing the spirit of the Nike house, also taking part in a morning marathon with the Olympic champion Joan Benoit Samuelson.

Pensieromateria at Salone Satellite 2019

HENRY & CO. took part to the Salone Satellite 2019 with Pensieromateria, a designer collective that was born from a common vision of HENRY & CO. and Luca Alessandrini in the field of sustainable design.

Pensieromateria has developed objects from the recovery of some food waste, such as tomatoes, coffee, oranges and mycelium, corn, clay.

Some of the objects presented are:

  • Arc, lamp made with Autogrill’s Wascoffee material;
  • Tomato Basket, Tomato Cuttlery, Tomato Plate, made from tomato waste.
  • Peel Chandelier with orange waste

For more information visit

HENRY & CO. SRL was born

From professionals to entrepreneurs, HENRY & CO SRL was born.

HENRY & CO. Professional Association begins its history in February 2013 as a small design studio with big dreams.

In these six years she has grown in professionalism and skills in the field of sustainability. In this growth perspective, Alex, Francesco and Antonella have today established HENRY & CO. Srl, which operates in the sectors of Food & Beverage, Artistic Direction and Product Design, with as many important objectives.

May Sustainable Creativity be with you!


Antonella Manenti (Henry&co.) enter in ADCI Awards Shortlist

The 2018 edition of the ADCI Awards, the Arts Director Club award ceremony, the most historically coveted award by the Italian creative community, ended on November 12th.

“Since 1985, the ADCI Awards have been a reference point for creativity and quality in advertising communication in Italy.

From printing to TV, from design to activation, from cyber to direct, passing through all the other existing categories, the ADCI Awards over time document the evolution of languages, styles and the use of the means of communication, selecting only the works that are more relevant from a creative point of view. Juries of the ADCI Awards award
Shortlist, Bronze, Silver and Gold for the various sections, two Grand Prix – one dedicated to Non Profit – and two Best Use Of Youtube. “