The company wanted to expand its offer through a brand stretching into three different areas: furniture, fashion and living.


Steelwood Concept was born in 2011 as a living and office furniture company, its focus is the use of wood and metal as materials.

Anno: 2014/2015
Cliente: Steelwood Concept


the project is divided into three main steps


to combine under one brand three totally different sectors (furniture, fashion and living)


a single style office that coordinates the new collections for furniture and fashion to keep the corporate image coherent


temporary stores made with container where inside all that is exposed is for sale, including the structure

Steelwood Concept Furniture

the phases of the project were the restyling of the furniture line,
the design of new products and a selection of quality materials

Steelwood Concept Fashion

under the creative direction of Henry&Co. with the collaboration of industry experts
the first Steelwood Concept Men/Women collection was born