YOUSEA Brand Identity and Packagingto clean in a sustainable way.


Development of a system-friendly brand identity that reflects the company's vision and mission of
reduced consumption of plastic and movement of water during the shipment of cleaning products.


Design of the brand identity and the packaging for a new line of environmentally sustainable
cleaning products.





Nowadays, the problem of plastic in the seas is a highly discussed topic. Disposables have changed our lives by putting us in a comfort zone that doesn’t take care of the consequences. Designed to be a long-life material, plastic does not dissolve in water but instead, it fragments into smaller pieces, generating microplastics that are impossible to recover.

Every year 369 million tons of plastic are produced, which is about 53 kg for each citizen of the planet. From the total amount of plastic production, only about 20% is recycled or incinerated while most of the remaining go into the sea. Today there are over 150 million tons of plastic in the seas, which kills 1.5 million animals around the world, including fish, birds, whales, and turtles.

At this rate, by 2050 in our oceans we will have more plastics than fish. Plastics also reach us directly: on average we ingest five grams of plastic per week (the equivalent of a credit card) and the consequences on our health are not yet fully known.

Giving this data, YouSea set the mission of cleaning the oceans and preventing the production of other unnecessary plastic. YouSea is a Dutch company that produces water-dissolvable concentrated tabs for different cleaning environments, lowering the environmental impact and improving the overall ecological footprint. Since traditional detergents usually consist mostly of water, shipping concentrated tabs have a considerably lower impact, both for the wallet and for the environment. The result is therefore a product that lasts longer, innovative, and eco-friendly!

Every year 369 million tons of plastic are produced, which is about 53 kg for each citizen of the planet. Only about 20% is recycled.


During the development of the new brand identity, we identified four main topics: the solubility of the product which is an extremely innovative technical point, the ecological aspect that allows to severely reduce the environmental impact, the connection between man/ocean and YouSea/environment, and finally the company’s mission of ocean safeguarding.

In the developing of the design, all aspects of sustainability have been taken into consideration, including the three “R” for a green project, which is “remove/reduce”, “reuse” and “recycle”.

In particular, to decrease the use of the ink during the printing phase we decided to reduce the logo crosshatch. With the same objective, we’ve also opted for flat colors, avoiding nuances and black percentages. The entire color palette, developed to identify the different destinations of use of the products in the different use environments, has been designed with these same guidelines.

The “clean your world” payoff clarifies two very important ideas: YouSea not only contributes to actively and practically cleaning our day-to-day world but, through our conscious choices as customers, it also contributes to clean the world in a wider sense.

A Brand Identity born to reduce environmental impact and that express the mission and the vision of YOUSEA.


The packaging is designed to be 100% sustainable. The main material is FSC-certified cardboard and since it’s not contaminated with finishes and inks that preclude its reusability, it can be recycled.

On each product line (five in total dedicated lines: Bathroom, Indoor, Kitchen, Floor, and Disinfectant) we used on the packaging just a single color, reducing the printed information to the strictly necessary to identify the right product and its main values.

The color code used for cardboard packaging contributes to making the products elegant but friendly, hitting the target audience.

Together with the packaging, we also designed aluminum sprayers (a recyclable material) for the room cleaners. In all the material designed for YouSea, we’ve applied the same sustainable logic.

Packaging developed to be sustainable, made with material from a certified supply and 100% recyclable.